Inside the Harley


Stone Fatman's favorite movie.

Thats what bikes do for you, right!

thats right mate.

when you're on a bike I mean

a big bike you've got all power.

Yeh once you've really ridden

a big bike fast and hard, who

wants to do anythink else

thats right, understand.

Nice Chopper


The word 'Outlaw' motorcycle gang

suggests that the groups funding

may come from illegal activities

such drug trafficking, prostitution

and gambling.

The 1% reference was once used by law

enforcement agencies during the

1950's to catergories outlaw motorcycle

clubs. Meaning that "99% of motorcyclists

were law abidding citzens"and the

other 1% being the opposite.

Other terms such as top rocker

and bottom rocker refer to the

patches or colours of the club,

the top rocker being in the example

shown AQUILAS and the bottom rocker

being RUNCORN .


It's not common knowledge and

If you didn't know, then you've

learnt something new, but during

the seventies Runcorn had its

own Chapter called Aquilas. The

word Chapter relates to being part

of a more widespread organisation

with more than one branch.

I don't know anything of the

history of Aquilas MC but my mate

Pete said they got trashed,

his words not mine.


I think the original patch may have 

looked like the above but I am only

going on a description from a guy I met

at job club, who told me he use to to ride

with the club.

The patch to the right is the artist's

personal creation conceived from an

over active imagination and not the

original patch displayed by Aquilas

members or any other MC.

If you're into the mad max scene

and want a better understanding

of the terminology used by biker's

visit this website

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