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  It's all about bikes 

The White Bear 

One night when we were discussing about what to do at the weekend, Kev suggested we go for a church yard sleep over. This was his second proposal of the evening, his first was a witch hunt in Delamere forest with axes and knives. He pinched the idea from a bunch of crazy bikers whom he sometimes went round to see on the estate to score some dope. One of these bikers looked like that guy off the film 'a fistfull of dollars' the fat mexican bloke 'Gruebo' (unsure about the spelling here gringo ) - who Clint flattened with a massive wine barrel, which was the mirror image of the fat mexican. Before his demise in the film he earlier supplied Raoul Rawhar(the baddie) with a constant supply of dope evertime he got the crazies. You'll get my point, read on. The other biker had long blonde hair and was called Torza he seemed like a decent bloke. I only met them the once and while I was upstairs waiting for Pete who was there on dope business with Ste H***, one of them hid my bike as a prank. When me and Pete came down, I dont think he was in on the prank, they said my bike had probably been nicked. After searching round for fifteen minutes, I thought I had better go to the cop-shop and report it nicked. As I headed off down the road, they dragged my bike out of a nearby garage and Pete called me back. They thought it highly amusing but I was pissed off and thought they were a bunch of tits. Anyway this is where the church yard sleep over idea materised from, a bunch tits. I'm trying to do a bit of pulp fiction writing here, jumping from the plot start to situations prior to the plot start. I'm confused, here's the plot.

The Plot part I 

Friday night came and we rode up to the White Bear pub, there was six bikes mostly two fiftys and nine people. The group was comprised of Loopy,Ste H***, Ste Had***, Motty, me, kev and a young lad(the kid). He was always hanging round Kev's flat, accompanied by two very young teenage girls. When I say young I mean about fifteen maybe sixteen maybe younger. The 'Kid' was on the back of kev's bike and I think Motty and Ste had*** brought the girls but I only smart guessing here.

Character description 

 Bri's Big red fire engine
Loopy was a big softy with a massive secret(he was gay). He loved his bikes because he always had more than one and smoking pot.He pops up in most of the other stories on this site because he was always around my gaff.

Ste H*** was a cunt who sold dope to anyone and got nicked. After coming out of prison he ended up with a boss job and loads of money who says crime doesn't pay.I did not count Ste H*** as a mate he was just someone who hanged about with Pete and Kev.My mate mick use to call him Ste "handjob" which felt right with him because he was a little wanker.

Ste Had*** was a bit of a ladies man liked women more than bikes but I didn't know him that well. He was decent working class lad. He looked a bit like a mini version of Magnum PI from the TV series.

Motty was off his head and just wanted to get smashed on drugs all the time. He was good fun to be around but only in small portions. He had everything handed to him on a plate by his parents, they bought him his first bike and his dad got him a boss job in ICI. He jacked it in after about two weeks and pissed off to London despatch riding.

Kev wore a suit and worked in a retail shop. At weekends he turned into Toecutter from 'mad max'. Life for kev was a dream he was still a child pretending to be someone he wasn't. This sounds like I didn't like him but I did. Dreamers are exciting people to be around. Me and Kev both dated Joy-the-Slag, he was boyfriend 3009 and I was 3010. That was one fuckin bowl of porridge no one - having known the true - would have liked to stir never mind taste( yuk!).

The Young lad the kid  whose name I can't remember was Kev's gopher,this might sound a bit degrading but to be honest he probably had a great time knocking about with Kev, when he wasn't running to shops for him. His life would end in prison about five years later, he caught the dope dealing bug probably from Ste H*** and got nicked. He was just another nice kid that got involved with wrong crowd, later on.

I don't remember who invited the two teenage girls, it must have been Kev or the kid.They were not part of the biker crowd that hanged around Kev's and I had never seen them before or after the church caper. Maybe there still in the Church yard?

The Plot part II 

We all went on bikes and spent most of the night in the beer garden getting pissed, the reason for this was that three of our party didn't look old enough to drink. Motty was after a much greater high and he spent all night sniffing petrol from his gas tank until he threw up. When the bell rang for last orders we all staggered across to the cemetary opposite the pub and looked for somewhere to sleep. It was a warm dry, summers night and the full moon shone with same brightness, that it had shined with a thousand years ago. It sprayed its light down through the ageing oak trees onto a group of arseholes walking through a cemetary  carrying sleeping bags. Kev said 'it would be a good idea to sacrifice one of teenage girls to satan', I think he was joking but who knows he was in Toecutter mode.

At the end of the night, we didn't actually sleep in the church yard because the ground was too hard and damp. We slept against the boundary wall just outside, on a grassy sheltered verge. I slept next to Loopy and Motty. Ste Had*** went home I think because he hadn't drunk that much. Everyone else slept in small groups kev and Ste h*** smoking pot and kid slept with the two teenage girls giggling all night.

Although this short story is based on my own real life experiences, all surnames have been erased to protect the privacy of cast i.e Ste H***, Ste Had***

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