5lb of Damsons 1 Litre of red grape juice 2 Gallons of water 1 Tea spon of yeast nutrient 1 Sachet of yeast 3 Lemons ½ Teaspoon of  pectine additive


First stage is just to release pectins to stop wine gelling up. Add 1 gallon of boiling water to 5lb of damsons  –  allow to cool below 70 C then add pectin and leave for 48 hours.

Stage 2.

Second stage fermentation of must add 1 gallon of boiling water - cool to below 70 C then add lemons, yeast nutrient. yeast, tea and grape juice <Recipe needed 6lbs of damsons, add grape juice to compensate >. Added 500ml of concentrated blackcurrent to increase body.

*********     The above 500ml addition caused all sorts of problems and therefore should be left out       *********

Leave for 4-5 days to ferment out. Transfer to a demijohn for secondary  fermentation, this should make 2 gallons easy.

Apperance : dark red with horrible floaties.

Taste : The resulting wine tasted like blackcurrent cordial - absolutely shite and poisoned anyone stupid enough to drink it!


Damsons free Grape juice 80 pence Lemons 45 pence Blackcurrent juice 60 pence Yeast 80 pence Yeast nutrient 20 pence Total £2.85 = 23 pence a bottle @ 12 botttles



2lbs of pineapple tinned/fresh 2 Litres of pineapple juice 2 Litres of water Yeast nutrient 1 Sachet of yeast 3 Lemons ½  Teaspoon of pectine additive

Top up with grapefriut juice during fermentation
 ½  litre to make 1 gallon

Appearence :  turned out like murky piss with jizz floating in it

Taste: I'll never know what it tastes like because no one dares drink it !


½  Teaspoon of pectine additive Sugar 0 .85 pineapple juice 60 pence Lemons 0.45 pence Pineapple tinned 1.00 pence Yeast 80 pence Yeast nutrient 20 pence

Total £4.90 = 81 pence a bottle @ 6 botttles

If you would like a free bottle (recipient pays p&p = £5) email me on fatmanswine@hotmail.com
and I'll send you a smashed bottle in soaking brown paper stinking of piss or alternatetively just
get an empty wine bottle and fill it with piss yourself . Oh ! don't forget the tug wax.

OTHER  DAMSON RECIPES (nicked off internet)

Damson 1

recipe 1 of 2
Ingredients :

3 lb damsons yeast nutrients 3 lb sugar 6 pts cold water pectic enzyme campden tablet gp wine yeast

Damson 2

wine recipe 2 of 2
Ingredients :-)

3 lb ripe damsons 3 lb sugar 1 gallon cold water pectic enzyme campden tablets gp wine yeast yeast nutrients

Damson --Easy  Peasy

Method 1

Pour 2 pints boiling water over 21b of damsons and leave 24 hours,

strain off and add to a Beaverdale 1gall wine Shiraz kit with a teaspoon of pectolase and 8oz sugar.

Damson Full Body

Ingredients :-)

4lb damsons 1.5kg sugar 1 tsp citric acid 1 tsp pectolase yeast nutrient Yeast- gervin no 2 is ideal.

These fruits have a great flavour but don't boil or soak them too long.

Pour 2 pints boiling water over the fruit and leave overnight.

Next day add 4 pints cold water, and everything else.

Leave 24 hours and strain off. Do not squeeze too much!

Pour into a demi john Leave until it stops frothing(about 2 days)

and fill up with cold water to the shoulder of the demi john.

Ferment out as normal, when it stops fermenting( bubbles stop)

siphon off into a clean dem-john and add a campden tablet and a potassium sorbate tablet. .

Leave about a month if it doesn't clear, add finings and another campden tablet.

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